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Visit this website frequently to stay informed throughout the year. This digital extension of my classroom features a page for each class that I teach, containing weekly lesson plans, a syllabus, a curriculum map, and homework reminders. Various virtual learning resources are available as well, including a web-based scientific calculator, apps, tools, and support for parents.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns regarding this website or math class in general. I wish everyone a successful and productive school year!

Supply List

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In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, students are strongly encouraged to come to class prepared with their own materials and supplies as much as possible. I will have a limited amount of supplies available at workstations located throughout our classroom.

I have tried to keep the following supply list as concise and basic as possible. These supplies will work well for either in-person or virtual learning environments.

Required Items (used daily)

notebooks (one for each 9-week term is advisable)
2-pocket folders (one for each 9-week term is advisable)
pencils (several dozen to last the year)
Chromebook (provided by the school - charge it daily at home!)

Optional Items (used occassionally) *

scientific calculator (Texas Instruments is recommended, such as the TI-30X IIS)

* Optional items are not used every day. I will announce ahead of time the days these items need to be brought to class.

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My lesson plans may also be found on each of the individual class pages.

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Click above to quickly access my lessons plans for the current week.


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For easier viewing or printing, click below to be taken directly to my lesson plans for individual classes…

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Make the most of your time.


Always be prepared.


Treat others with respect.


Honor all handbook rules.

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West Iron County Public Schools District Website

National PTA Parents’ Guides to Student Success

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7th Grade Guide for
Language Arts, Literacy, & Mathematics

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High School Mathematics Guide for Algebra 1

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8th Grade Guide for
Language Arts, Literacy, & Mathematics

The Council of the Great City Schools Parent Roadmaps to the Common Core Standards

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Grade Seven, Mathematics

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High School, Mathematics
for Algebra 1

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Grade Eight, Mathematics

State and Testing Information

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Michigan Department of Education

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PSAT & SAT Assessments

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M-STEP Assessment

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